A downloadable Cretaceous Card Game for Windows

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Dino Duel! is a simple and fun pick-up-and-play Collectible Card Game that can be enjoyed by everyone, from casual players to long-time dinosaur fans.

Battle with 5 different opponents using your dinosaur cards and try to collect them all!

With great music by Scotty Rich, go and give him a listen at YouTube or BandCamp!

** If you're having trouble with learning how to play check out the awesome video by @Paperpup on this page! **

Dinosaurs have always been a great passion for me since childhood, and this Game Jam finally gave me the opportunity to mix them with my other passion: Game Development!

I hope you as a player can appreciate the effort and enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

Made in 10 days as a submission to #DinoJam2.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsFilthyDrawings, Amanda Fernandes, Scotty Rich
GenreCard Game
Made withAseprite
TagsDinosaurs, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Dino Duel! - v1.3.3 Installer.exe 34 MB
Dino Duel! - v1.3.3 (loose files).zip 36 MB
Dino Duel! Setup - v1.2.5 (DinoJam2 Version).exe 30 MB
Dino Duel! - v1.2.5 (DinoJam2 Version).zip 32 MB

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Very fun card game with a lot of mechanics I haven't really seen before, I really like the Volcano system and how the game rewards proper planning over just having rare cards! Definitely worth a play, though still a bit buggy. 

Since the tutorial is a little easy to miss, I made this video! 


That's awesome, this video is a perfect guide on how to play the game, everything is well explained and you even went in depth on some of the strategies to win consistently! 

I would like to ask you if I can link your video on the game's page, since I'm sure it'll help a lot of players who had a bit of trouble with it. Let me know if it's okay, I won't reupload or anything like that, I intend to directly link to your tutorial.

Also, thank you very much for taking your time to make this video and enjoying the game, I'm happy when people appreciate and especially have fun with the game!


Go for it! I'm happy you enjoyed the video and honestly I really enjoyed my time with the game. Hope to see more of your work in the future!


I was recording some footage and I ran into a bug!


Thanks for sharing! I'll look into it and try to patch it up as soon as possible!


Finally managed to track down and fix the bug! Should be fixed in version 1.3.2, thanks again for finding this!


Very interesting and fun :D


I've been through all the levels, all the characters are really cool (my favorites are Raptor Kid and Final Boss)

I thought it was over, and as soon as I beat the Final Boss, the game unlocked Mirror Mode! That's great.

I just have a question: why is opening booster packs so good? argh

I think I'm addicted.


Awesome! We're really glad you liked it so much! And don't worry, after the jam we're planning to add a few more cards and at least one more secret level ;)


I know right? I was super shocked at how addictive it is once I learned how to play. I was honored to be involved in it. :)


It was a pleasure to be part of the development of this game <3

Hope you all have fun!